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Put Merchandising Power In Your Hands

Ever wondered how you can maximise merchandising effectiveness to deliver your targets?

With a powerful merchandising suite that includes manual rules, personalisation, recommendations and journey segmentation, you’ll be able to manage all campaigns on your terms from one single interface.

Highly configurable rules combined with real-time product and content discovery will ensure your merchandising team are totally effective and continually driving up revenue.

The Ultimate Merchandising Suite

With The Filter’s merchandising suite, you’ll maximise your return through smarter merchandising, more relevant recommendations and one-to-one targeted personalisation – putting control in your hands.



Powerful merchandising tools that allow you to manage every single merchandising campaign across products and editorial from one single interface.



Let’s be upfront; personalisation is more than just ‘Hello John’. Customers expect more, especially when you know so much about them.



Recommendations are all about relevancy and inter-relatedness. With the ability to cross-sell, up-sell or make trade-up suggestions, based on the interactions with products or content.



Personalisation gets even smarter when you take into the consideration the stage your customer is at in their purchasing journey.

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The shopping journey

Latest white paper: Journey segmentation in practice

For e-commerce stores a personalised experience can be created and adapted as a customer’s journey through your store advances.

This guide outlines the different stages within the customer’s online shopping journey, the behaviours that can indicate entry and exit from each stage and the opportunities for product and content personalisation and refinement within a given stage.