"The Filter knows what content each customer is most likely to engage with next."

  • What we do

    What we do

    The Filter offers leading edge search, content recommendation, navigation and communication tools that can be integrated with your digital service. The Filter blends user taste, item relatedness and current trends to bring the right content to the surface, producing a truly personalised experience for each user. And it all happens in real time.

  • The Filter for Digital Media

    The Filter for Digital Media

    Optimise and personalise video on-demand, linear & catchup TV, music radio and digital content for every user. The Filter’s technology is proven to increase engagement with premium audio-visual content.

  • The Filter for Retail

    The Filter for Retail

    A suite of tools for on-line retailers to personalise shopper experience and improve customer satisfaction. The Filter’s technology is proven to increase customer spend by bringing the most desirable products to the forefront of the experience and offering aspirational recommendations and personalised cross-selling opportunities.

  • “The Filter is a Zen master, who knows me, knows what I am interested in, knows what’s out there and gives me what is appropriate at the time that I really want it.”

    - Peter Gabriel, music and technology pioneer
  • “The Filter are a truly smart company who bring a sophisticated intelligence to the retailing of programming.  Their expertise and collaborative way of working have been invaluable.”

    - Michael Barry, Director of Programming and Creative, BT Vision

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