Personalisation and Discovery for E-commerce Sites

Personalisation is so much more than simply including your customer’s name during their shopping experience. As technology has moved on, your customers expect and demand more.

They know you hold data on their past purchases and their preferences, and as a minimum they expect their experience to be personalised using this information.

If during one shopping journey, they have are wowed by retailer’s level of personalisation, they expect that standard across all other e-commerce experiences.  Those retailers using the latest technologies are now setting the bar.

So, if personalisation is more than just a first name, how far have we come?

This paper explores the technology behind personalisation, its link to Big Data and how e-commerce retailers are utilising profile preferences and taste throughout the stages of the shopping journey.

You’ll discover:

  • The technology behind cutting edge personalisation
  • How online in-store experiences can replicate real-world discovery
  • How customer data can provide deeper insight to provide better customer experience
  • The value of personalisation
  • The future of personalisation and what’s coming next

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E-Commerce Personalisation & Discovery