For e-commerce stores a personalised experience can be created and adapted as a customer’s journey through your store advances.

Shopping is a journey. From discovery of new products, comparative shopping when researching and finally choosing whether to purchase; the journey, and the deviations from it, depend very much on how products and rich media content are presented and organised.

The challenge is presenting the right content and refining the choices for the customer, at the right time in their journey. The key here is to define the stages within their journey and understand the triggers or behaviours that signify that the customer is in a given stage, or about to move to the next.

This guide outlines the different stages within the customer’s online shopping journey, the behaviours that can indicate entry and exit from each stage and the opportunities for product and content personalisation and refinement within a given stage. It provides the nuts and bolts to really understand what works best, and when – and make your campaigns a success.

In this paper, you’ll discover:

  • The three key stages of the online shopping journey
  • The triggers that move a customer from one segment to the next
  • Balancing rich media alongside purchase based content
  • The power of segments on engagement and conversion
  • The how and why of when to use sophisticated segmentation processes
  • Combining segmentation with recommendations and personalisation
  • Managing campaigns using segmentation

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The shopping journey