Powerful merchandising as unique as your customers

What is The Filter?

The Filter is a highly configurable solution for handling personalized user experiences, optimizing customer journeys, improving product recommendation relevance and creating intelligent merchandising strategies for enterprise ecommerce sites.

Instead of prioritizing content dependent on singular fixed parameters, our approach relies on multiple visitor and page signals to give you a clearer picture of individual visitor intention. We use big data to discover at which stage visitors are in their buying journey and to decide how best to help them on the pathway to conversion by promoting your on-site content, products and merchandising cues in the most effective ways possible.

By utilizing more data to form dynamic strategies, we’re better able to guide your site visitors through the shopping journey roadmap to assist visitor retention, help convert new customers and maximize CLV within your existing customer base.

Our Merchandising Suite



Powerful merchandising tools that allow you to manage every single merchandising campaign across products and editorial from one single interface.

Customise, personalise and recommend with complete control over every aspect of your product and content inventory.



Every interaction, previous purchase and behaviour displayed builds a unique picture of your customer, allowing you to create unique experiences that positively influence purchasing decisions.

The result is where content, products and offers are completely tailored to each and every customer. This is the ultimate in personalisation.



Recommendations are all about relevancy and inter-relatedness.

Out-of-the-box business rules as well as infinite custom rules ensure you can control an unlimited number of promotions or campaigns across multiple product or editorial categories.



Customers browsing and discovering behave differently to those searching with intent and are ready to purchase, so how can you tailor what those customers see and engage with so you don’t inadvertently distract them?


Video & Radio Solutions

The Filter’s entertainment solutions for recommendations and personalistation power through millions of titles against some of the most complex metadata and taste profiles – all day, every day and at scale.

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