Automated Merchandising Decisions

Instead of merchandising pages or products, create sophisticated real-time strategies that troubleshoot your catalogue

The Filter’s approach to eCommerce merchandising takes the guess work and manual amendments out of your work flow. There’s no need to select product prominence for each relevant feed, now you can use your business goals, sales activity and big data from your website to make more meaningful merchandising decisions.

Product placement

Dynamic visual displays

The most relevant and engaging visual displays blending products, content, promotions & more.

Make it unique

More Choice

Personalise, automate, prioritize, refine and schedule merchandising site wide using a staggering array of options.

Blend content and product

The Right Balance

One-to-one personalised CX with intelligent decision-making based on your business rules, sales cycle and stock levels.

Manage campaigns seamlessly

User Friendly

Use sophisticated rule sets and business logic to maximise every sale. One user-friendly interface can be used by multiple departments.

Deliver product recommendations

meaningful Engagement

Refine strategies in real time as the customer browses, ensuring results are always relevant. Use shoppable content, navigation and product feeds to boost engagement.

Build in journey segmentation

journey segmentation

Keep your merchandising relevant with segmented user strategies that are in-tune with customers’ preferred brands and child variants.

Tailored Strategies for Success

Manually merchandising product feeds, category pages and product pages consumes valuable time and resources, and requires regular maintenance to achieve the best results. Instead of putting time and energy into rearranging your pages and feeds, you can use automated, logic-based strategies to decide what appears when, how and to whom.

The Filter’s merchandising suite combines machine learning, personalisation, sales strategies and your business priorities to achieve the perfect balance of products, content and categories on an individual customer basis.

New visitors benefit from an optimized user journey that adapts in response to real-time behaviour while existing customers benefit from a personalised customer experience (CX) that prioritises the types of products and content you know they love.

Business rules decide how strategies are executed, allowing you to automate merchandising using promotional dates, stock levels, like-for-like product sales, brand deals and more.

Our merchandising solutions go beyond ‘best sellers’ and ‘people also bought’, transcending the boundaries of other suites to give you the freedom to merchandise products in a way that assists you in making valued sales that boost customer retention.

Merchandising Solutions

Our merchandising suite combines sophisticated logic sets with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for your merchandising team to adapt logic-based rule sets to fit your catalogue. Intricate rules and recipes for success can be created using drop-down menus to decide how your merchandising solutions will work and we’ll be here to guide you in creating and fine-tuning your strategies throughout the life of your implementation.

We’re always working on new features and strategies to help you make the most of your suite. Here are just a few of our leading strategies that can be included out of the box:

  • Fragmented Stock Merchandising – Improve product sales across like-for-like categories based on the child variant stock levels
  • Journey Optimisation  – Improve visitor retention and customer loyalty with segmentation strategies that assist product discovery
  • In-Account Discovery – Help your existing customers discover the products they love with a VIP shopping experience
  • Mix & Match Recommendations – Why show just one type of recommendation when you can include a range of strategies in a single promotional slot?

The Filter Suite:

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