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Maximise discovery across your inventory

More relevance, more variety & better customer experiences

Every visitor has their own unique reason for arriving on your site. Some will be there with intent, others are just looking around. They have their own likes and dislikes, distinct personalities and interests – so why show every customer the same set of product recommendations?

The best eCommerce recommendations are dynamic, intelligent and tuned to the needs of your brand. The Filter uses a blend of real-time behaviour, customer information and journey optimisation strategies to determine which products and content should be recommended as a priority. Suggestions are automated on a one-to-one basis and use your business logic to ultimately make merchandising decisions.

More ways to uplift revenue

Recommendations are vital to successful eCommerce strategies but traditional implementations tend to be overly restrictive. Cross-sells, upsells, bestsellers and related products are all great starting points but if you really want to maximise every basket, there are better ways to merchandise additional products.

The Filter removes strategic boundaries by employing more flexible logic, allowing you to use a mixture of tactics in a single slot and create new meaningful merchandising spaces anywhere on your site.

Instead of marketing products manually or using simple algorithms to make decisions, you can use popular recommendation types as a starting point and tailor them to fit with your business needs. Create new recipes from scratch and implement sophisticated new strategies that balance one-to-one personalised suggestions with rules based on inventory levels, your sales cycle and more.

Our recommendations solution has all of the best-practice uplift strategies you’d expect, plus so much more.

Suggest popular items

Classic Recommendations

7 classic ecommerce recommendations strategies including upsells, related cross-sells and bestsellers. Adapt and fine tune rules to improve impact.

Override and fine-tune

Create custom strategies

Solve sales problems, improve CX, use advanced custom segments and more. We give you the power to create intricate strategies from scratch.

Complete control

Multiple Rules, One Slot

Use a mixture of classic and custom-built strategies in each recommendation slot to create more enticing product selections.

Display similar items

Place Recommendations Anywhere

Transform empty space into a merchandised product display – Add new recommendation slots anywhere on your site, each with their own distinct rules.

Multi-media recommendations

Cross-media recommendations

Boost your on-site marketing strategies with product recommendations in your blog, and content recommendations for category and product pages.

Share trending items


Your Account Manager will help you transform eCommerce problems into merchandising solutions. Include stock levels, child variants and more in your strategies.

Save Time & Resources

The best eCommerce strategies are flexible, intelligent & easy to implement

Manually merchandising recommendations across an entire catalogue is difficult at best, futile at worst. It’s led many eCommerce brands to default to simple classic strategies that are proven to boost uplift but still fall short of potential.

The Filter doesn’t just save time by automating the process with more sophisticated strategies, it’s user-friendly enough for your merchandising team to use. New products are automatically assigned strategies based on their attributes and the products you no longer stock are substituted with relevant alternatives. The time it takes to keep your site content and pages relevant is greatly reduced, helping you to focus on new strategies instead of maintaining the old.

Our strategies are frequently adapted and improved for each client in line with performance. Our eCommerce specialists will help you boost your existing strategies, test new ideas and create more dynamic recommendation types that make valued sales as a priority.

Here are just a few of the advanced recommendation strategies our clients use:

  • Automate products dependent on stock levels, price points, use by dates, profit margins and more
  • Prioritise alternatives for flagship products when stock sells out or runs low
  • Stabilise like-for-like sales across your whole product catalogue
  • Recommendations based on customer child variant, category and brand preferences
  • Recommendations influenced by purchase, pre-checkout and research behaviour
  • In-hand stock triggers to reprioritise product weighting in feeds
  • Automate recommendations in blogs and buyers guide
  • Fallback strategies – Always show something relevant
  • Remarketing strategies for consumables

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The Filter Suite

White Paper: Personalisation & Discovery for eCommerce Sites

This paper explores the technology behind personalisation, its link to big data and how e-commerce retailers are utilising profile preferences and taste throughout the stages of the shopping journey.

Recommendations are more relevant when they’re tailored to your customer’s needs.


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