Optimise through segmentation

Experience defined by the journey

Match content and products to the stage of your customer’s journey: discovery, research and purchase.

Journey Optimisation through segmentation

Maximise engagement across your inventory

A new way to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Segmentation defines experience

Match your content and products to the stage that a customer is at in their buying journey. Aid discovery of new content, make research more engaging and streamline the purchase process; all through behavioural triggers that denote customer stage. The result is more relevant, targeted, one-to-one personalisation and better control over your campaigns and revenue.

Intelligent journey segment identification

Behavioural signals such as placing an item in a basket or interacting with a piece of content define where a customer is at in their buying journey. As the behaviour changes, the status of the customer changes, optimising the content displayed and enhancing the customer experience.

Driven by machine learning

Knowing where the customer is within their journey allows you to present content and products tuned for positive transitions between stages. The process is based on pooled behaviour and driven by machine learning, or you can fine-tune the business rules to meet your specific criteria.

Achieve more with journey optimisation

Create need

Create need

Display editorial content to encourage discovery of new items

Blend content and product

Blend content and product

Balance content and product to aid selection of items

Clear purchase paths

Clear purchase paths

Dynamically remove any distractions towards purchase

Alter hierarchies on page

Alter hierarchies on page

Control hierarchies and weightings of content on pages

Ultimate merchandising

Ultimate merchandising

Control campaigns, fine-tune algorithmic results or override completely

Customised stages to your criteria

Customised stages to your criteria

Use business rules straight out of the box or customise your own segmentation

Evolve the customer experience


Recognise a customer’s journey stage and deliver relevant messaging


Use personalisation and recommendations to alongside to maximise experience


Integrate seamlessly with all the major ecommerce platforms


Machine-led learning in real-time for up to the minute, accurate results


Get full analytics on the impact of journey stage optimisation


Customise triggers that move a customer from one stage to the next


Maximise your inventory of products, editorial content and rich media assets


Uniquely blend content and product for maximum impact


Override, customise and fine-tune rules to suit your organisation


Manage sales and promotions with time-based rules

The shopping journey

White Paper: Online Retail Journeys Optimised

Creating a personalised shopping experience based on preferences and product information isn’t enough to satisfy the modern ecommerce customer, you need to fully understand where in their buying journey they are and how to help them find the information and products they need most. This paper defines the retail journey phases and helps you to segment customers based on new parameters to drive engagement and conversion.



White Paper: Journey segmentation in practice

For e-commerce stores a personalised experience can be created and adapted as a customer’s journey through your store advances.

This guide outlines the different stages within the customer’s online shopping journey, the behaviours that can indicate entry and exit from each stage and the opportunities for product and content personalisation and refinement within a given stage.


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