eCommerce Journey Segmentation

Group Logic Helps Individual Customers

Create more meaningful customer experiences with segmentation strategies

Online shopping has transformed the way consumerism works. The modern customer has high expectations for their user experience, is less likely to follow marketing and advertising messages, and is more inclined to shop around for the best deal. Without the ability to physically touch, examine and question products in person, virtual customers also have to be convinced that they’re making a good buying decision.

The internet makes it easy for customers to access a vast array of products in an instant, so competition is fierce. If you’re skilled enough to attract a large number of visitors to your store, you should be doing everything you can to persuade them to stick around.

By showing every customer the same products, categories and content on the homepage and key landing pages, you are less able to make a convincing case for your brand. Customer segmentation strategies have the potential to optimize your customer journeys by grouping together similar customers and tailoring navigational experiences to better suit their needs.

Complete control

New Customers

Help new visitors learn about your company and discover brands, products and advice at a pace that’s in-tune with their buying behaviour.

Display similar items

Brand Loyalists

Keep product discovery relevant by recognizing customer brand preferences and tailoring merchandising to reflect their tastes.

Suggest popular items

Customer rewards

Automate user journeys to prioritise loyalty benefits for your existing customers, ensuring key promotions are never missed.

Override and fine-tune


Adapt your existing marketing strategies to create on-site user journeys that already engage your existing customers.

Create Need


Have an idea for segmentation that you’d like to try? We’ll help you create and adapt strategies to improve results.


Wholesale & Multi-Site

Employ strategies across multiple sites from a single catalogue. Our Advanced Segmentation creates highly selective product feeds.

Hello, It’s Nice to Meet You

New customers need the most convincing – make your interactions count

There is more to converting new visitors than making a sale. When a customer is new to a brand, they are less inclined to make impulse decisions and it can take a few visits before they’re ready to place an order. To gain a better understanding of how well you appeal to new visitors, you should also look at how many of them return for further visits.

Understanding new customer psychology is vital if you’re going to provide them with a tailored customer experience (CX). Pushing for buying decisions while the customer is still learning to move around your site is a terrible way to show them what you have to offer – New visitors need a more flexible approach to product discovery that also introduces them to your brand and your values.

The Filter’s New Customer Segmentation places more emphasis on learning about your brand, your product ranges and the benefits of becoming a customer. A mix of bestsellers, popular new products, popular sale products and your best content for conversion is cherry picked and merchandised in a way that effectively guides new visitors to the pages they want to see most.

Loyalty Card Holders

Highlight the products that give added benefits to your loyalty customers

Loyalty card holders are some of your best customers, and ensuring they’re engaged with relevant products that offer additional rewards is a great way to boost basket sizes and upsells.

Customer Reward  Segmentation allows you to highlight the best rewards in the customer’s preferred categories to help you make the most of each website visit. Personalisation CX Strategies are cross referenced with your loyalty card promotions to prioritize the offers most likely to appeal to each loyalty card holder, ensuring that opportunities to make extra sales are never missed.

Automate merchandising on your homepage, in your blog, on key landing pages and product pages to ensure customers never miss the promotions that are relevant to them. Set the dates for the duration of the offer and merchandising strategies will automatically update with new options as promotions end.

Brand Savvy Segmentation

iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Playstation or Xbox? Beats or Bose?

Inspire devices

Brand loyalty is often overlooked in merchandising strategies and it can have a detrimental effect on your CX. You aren’t likely to sell an iPhone case to the owner of a Samsung Galaxy, so where there are strong indications for a customer’s brand preference – merchandising should follow suit.

Brand Segmentation manages product priorities to fit with your customer preferences. By using brand-centric purchases to form the basis of strategies, The Filter can prioritize merchandising to showcase related, complementing and new products from the brands your customers are most likely to purchase.

For consumables such as mobile phones, games consoles, cosmetics or insurance policies, brand strategies are adapted to introduce new releases and services into the merchandising cycle when its likely the customer will be ready to repurchase. Behavioural signals are measured to pick up on wavering brand affiliation, adapting strategies to introduce rival brands into the mix when a customer shows signs of switching preference.

Marketing Meets Merchandising

Go omnichannel with user journeys that match your marketing segments

If you can create effective user journeys using email or social media marketing, you may see similar success by mirroring that strategy on your website.

Your Account Manager will discuss your existing Marketing Segments and use them as the basis to create new shopping journeys. Tailor strategies to appeal to blog readers, customers who buy yellow, customers who wear a size 12 or any other preference identified in your Customer Taste Profiles.

We’ll help you create the perfect recipes to refine on-site journeys in a way that assists your marketing campaigns as well as improving on-site relevance for individual customers.

Wholesale & Multi-Site

Control the appearance of content and products across multiple websites or customer groups

If your business sends product feeds to multiple sites, sells wholesale or has different product catalogues for different customers, you could benefit from our Advanced Segmentation.

We give you the power to create bespoke strategies for each advanced segment, hiding products and information that isn’t relevant and using unique strategies tuned to the needs of that customer group.

One single interface allows you to make decisions across all of your advanced segments, potentially controlling strategies for dozens of websites using a single catalogue.

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