Put the control back in your hands

Do more with a powerful merchandising suite

The ultimate merchandising suite to deliver dynamic, relevant and engaging customer experiences. One platform, one interface, one incredible feature set.

Product placement

Product placement

Choose where you want to insert products with any number of slots on a page

Blend content and product

Blend content and product

Control editorial and rich media content to deliver better customer experience

Manage campaigns seamlessly

Manage campaigns seamlessly

One interface allows complete control over all merchandising promotional campaigns

Deliver product recommendations

Deliver product recommendations

Offer product recommendations based on relatedness, including meta, probability and serendipity

Make it unique

Make it unique

Personalise the experience in your store based on previous purchase or taste profiles

Build in journey segmentation

Build in journey segmentation

Match the business rules to the customer journey stage

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Take control of your inventory


Unlimited slots matched to the layout of your e-commerce store


Fine-tune rules to meet your exact campaign requirements


Seamless integration with leading e-commerce platforms


Manual override and customisation of rules to perfectly match your campaign


Suggested business rules straight out-of-the-box for easy implementation


Future-proofed with next generation journey optimisation


Control editorial content and products across the whole store


Manage sales and promotions with time-based rules


Manual override on journey stage indicators allow for specific conditions to be met


Preview results of rules and fine-tuners so you know how the campaign will display

The shopping journey

Latest white paper: Journey segmentation in practice

For e-commerce stores a personalised experience can be created and adapted as a customer’s journey through your store advances.

This guide outlines the different stages within the customer’s online shopping journey, the behaviours that can indicate entry and exit from each stage and the opportunities for product and content personalisation and refinement within a given stage.