Making personalisation personal

Intelligent personalisation

Give your customers a truly personal experience with guided suggestions based on taste, insight into past purchases and on-site behaviour.

Chosen for me

Chosen for me

Show items that most closely relate to the taste of your customer

Items I have…

Items I have…

Display items that the viewer has viewed, rated or interacted with

People also…

People also…

Help customers find items that similar customers have viewed, rated or interacted with

Cross media recommendations

Cross media recommendations

Personalise any kind of content: editorial, rich media or product

Override and fine-tune

Override and fine-tune

Be more exact with manual overrides and fine-tuners that perfect personalisation results

Complete control

Complete control

Tune personalisation based on previous behaviour, higher margin item preference or introduce new items

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Relevant recommendations, your way


Seamless integration with the leading e-commerce platforms


Machine-led learning in real-time for up to the minute, accurate results


Manage sales and promotions with time based rules


Fine-tune rules to meet your exact campaign requirements


Manual override and customisation of rules to perfectly match your campaign


Boost campaigns with biasing or product prioritisation


Suggested business rules straight out-of-the-box for easy implementation


Minimise the number or type of products displayed with limiters


Order item groups and prioritise how products are displayed


Preview results of rules and fine-tuners so you know how the campaign will display

The shopping journey

Latest white paper: Journey segmentation in practice

For e-commerce stores a personalised experience can be created and adapted as a customer’s journey through your store advances.

This guide outlines the different stages within the customer’s online shopping journey, the behaviours that can indicate entry and exit from each stage and the opportunities for product and content personalisation and refinement within a given stage.