The engine with the power

Maximise discovery across your inventory

Get more control across every kind of recommendation – straight out of the box.

Suggest popular items

Suggest popular items

Let your customers know your most popular items within a given timeframe

Share trending items

Share trending items

Show items that are reaching peaks of new highs

Display similar items

Display similar items

Help customers find similar items based on meta data

Multi-media recommendations

Cross-media recommendations

Recommend any kind of content: editorial, rich media or product

Override and fine-tune

Override and fine-tune

Be more exact with manual overrides and fine-tuners that perfect results

Complete control

Complete control

Use limiters to control display results and map to your campaign timelines

Take control of your inventory


Only show items that are in stock or prioritise overstocked items


Cross-sell items from a different category based on set rules


Recommend items from the same category, but with a higher price or margin


Recommend products based on the content a customer has consumed


Only display items that a customer has acted on in some way


‘Set it and forget it’ campaign features for distinct periods


Increase order value by up-selling and drive revenue up


Limit recommendations based on region, entitlement or availability


Custom build your own recommendation criteria based on parameters you like


Boost, block or limit items to match your promotional campaigns

Technical Guide to Personalisation

White Paper: A Technical Guide to Personalisation

Learn how to deliver personalised recommendations that are consistent, engaging and accurate in our Technical Guide to Personalisation.

We’ll introduce you to the Naïve Bayes classifications and explain how you can tailor your personalised recommendations to better fit customers at all stages in the buying journey.


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