VOD Services / Responsive Radio®

The most cutting-edge personalisation in entertainment

The Filter is the leading provider of personalised discovery for video-on-demand, subscription, catch-up TV and linear TV, web-video, music play listing (including radio rights compliance), gigs & events, apps, news articles and many other digital content services.

Our entertainment personalisation delivers real-time recommendations across vast digital content catalogues, including streaming and download music stores with millions of titles against some of the most complex metadata and taste profiles – all day, every day and at scale.

As leaders in the field, we’re proud to have long standing relationships with BT TV, UKTV and Panasonic Automotive to deliver some of the most cutting-edge personalisation in the world.

Our services helped BT TV take home the award for ‘Best Content Discovery Service’ at the 2017 TV Connect Awards.

Media solutions

Responsive Radio®

Playlist generation (DMCA compliant)

Responsive Radio® is a product that delivers playlists, usually music although this depends on user preferences.

TV & Video

Complex rule based personalisation

Our TV and VoD solution delivers cutting edge discovery that can be tuned to your specific service characteristics and rules.

Custom cross-media

Vast experience

Our team has built custom discovery engines that have delivered services across numerous content types. Projects include web-video, events and gigs, articles, cinema and app store discovery.

Media discovery features

Award-Winning Potential

We helped BT TV take home the Best Content Discovery Service trophy at the 2017 TV Connect Awards within 6 months of the new service going live.

The Filter helps you exploit the potential of your services by giving you more flexible ways to create discovery strategies. Create personalised viewer experiences that are highly relevant, proven to engage and loved by your customers.

We’ll work closely with you to uncover the best possible ways you can improve services for your customers and brand relationships with your sponsors and advertisers.

Playlists and entertainment journeys

Creating entertainment journeys for any situation. Whether a Saturday afternoon TV viewing schedule or in-car music and talk radio playlist, The Filter delivers the very best personalised media experiences.

Personalised ‘recommended-for-me’

TV, radio and music journeys often begin on homepages, online stores or set-top boxes. Using taste profiles, recommendations are displayed are on a ‘recommended for you’ or ‘try this’ basis – all focused around delivering return visits and increased session engagement.

Personalised search

Personalised search delivers faster, more accurate search based on suggested searches.

Contextual ‘more-like-this’ or behavioural ‘people-also-viewed’

Serve up related content based on alternative, context-based viewing or listening options.

Integration and project management services

The Filter integrates with a myriad of players and CMS platforms.  We also offer bespoke catalogue integration or an off-the-shelf connection through theplatform.com

Console & dashboard analytics

All products are managed through your personal dashboard and include configurable CTRs, engagement factors and real-time analytics.

“Personalized discovery gives Maplin a significant market advantage. Our goal is to create the best shopping experience for each customer, one that will both enable them to find the products they love quickly and discover new products they may not have discovered otherwise.”

Esther Allen

Head of Ecommerce

“Working with The Filter means that we can offer our online customers the same personalized and high-quality service that they expect from our store. The Filter gives us access to a great suite of personalization features and helps our customers to discover new things that we know they will love. We are very excited about the possibilities this technology offers us.”

Ryan Thomas

Multi-Channel Director

“The Filter are a truly smart company who bring a sophisticated intelligence to the retailing of programming. Their expertise and collaborative way of working have been invaluable”

Michael Barry

Director of Programming and Creative