The Merchandising Console

Control & deliver campaigns

The Filter’s Console gives you complete control over merchandising and discovery, so you can actively enhance each customer’s experience without overriding your business objectives.

Effective discovery is best when delivered as a combination of machine learning and manual merchandising – it’s about intelligent personalisation rules combined with the creativity of your merchandising team, tuned to your business priorities.

For successful ecommerce strategies you need the right tools to run your campaigns effectively. That’s why The Filter’s Console is designed to enable you to combine your creativity with the very best in automation and optimization – so you get the best from your ecommerce store.

Key features of The Filter’s Console

Control over personalization and journey optimization is now back in your hands

The campaign manager tool is easy to use, completely web-based and offers the ability to create, modify or remove rules in an instant.  Rules are unlimited, can blend product and editorial content, plus run as multivariate tests for maximum effectiveness.

Define the journey stage

Choose and edit the style and experience you wish to present at each stage of the journey. Select between Discover, Research and Purchase. The different stages present different options to reflect the behavioural traits of your customers.

Control sources, weighting and priority of campaigns

Discovery is driven by a suite of algorithms tuned to present information appropriate to your buyers’ behaviour.

Suggestions can be combined and weighted to ensure the right balance of results are achieved.  Set a higher importance weighting to ensure your campaign is displayed over and above other campaigns – ideal for managing short term promotions.

Metadata tuners provide accuracy and great control

Create the specifics of your campaign with attribute tuners, including ‘if this, do this’ allowing total flexibility over your chosen parameters – all automated and planned from the get-go.

This gives you true control, especially during peak promotional times to manage stock and pricing opportunities.

Set as many conditions and parameters as you like – and easily adjust or delete them too.

Use behaviour to set content

Control content using behavioural triggers such as viewed, added to basket or purchased within groups of product, within given time frames or types of customers.

These powerful combinations offer unlimited flexibility across your merchandising campaigns.

Ensure constant variety

Limiters ensure that products, content themes or promotions don’t take over giving your customers the right balance of offers.

Limiters can be defined by metadata and to a variety of different conditions, and there is no limitation to the number of conditions set.

Real-time previewS

See how your rules will be presented to customers before they go live in the real-time preview mode. Select input seeds and vary time-of-day to aid tuning and refinement to perfect discovery experience.

Dashboard reporting

The longer The Filter is in place, the more it’s able to tell you about how your strategies affect visitor behaviour. Our in-built Dashboard provides helpful statistical cues to highlight where strategies are strongest and where they could use refinement. By adapting your strategies and introducing new priorities, you’ll be in a position to create a best practice for your company that’s adaptable and dynamic enough to grow as you do.

You Set the Rules

Every campaign is managed through rules set by you. Rules define the products and content presented on a page in your ecommerce store, allowing you to adapt strategies in line with your business needs.

Rules enable you to choose how product and content is selected – ‘similar’, ‘personalized’, ‘trending’, or ‘fully editorialized’

  • Descriptive tuners based on catalogue data such as ‘show only within brand’, ‘make more prominent by price’ or ‘always top product’
  • Behavioural tuners based on customer data such as ‘block when item has been added to basket’ or ‘block cyclical purchases’
  • Limiters such as ‘only show one from brand or category’

With The Filter’s Console, you can set any combination of rules to automate discovery and optimize retail journeys so that your campaign vision can be achieved. The result is the best of both worlds – a truly personalized retail experience matched to the customer’s individual tastes and exacting campaigns that drive better revenue.

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