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Pure London: The WGSN Womenswear AW 17/18 Buyer's Briefing

We take a look at the insights and perspective we gained from the WGSN Womenswear AW 17/18 Buyers' Briefing from Pure London.
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The Impact of Product Prioritisation for Merchandisers

Maximising revenue is at the heart of a merchandiser’s role. To achieve this, there’s a need to have a deep understanding of your product group so that each item can be promoted and presented to drive revenue in the most effective way.
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Your retail and tech events calendar for 2017

With new technologies rapidly bringing opportunities to the retail world, we’ve opened up our diary to give you a heads up on some of the must-attend retail technology events for 2017
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How to optimise customer journeys for the Christmas peak season

How do you ensure that the brand experience is right – and subtly different for the festive period, when the buyer isn’t necessarily buying for themselves?
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London Fashion Weekend: The Digital Fashion Era - discussing the digital revolution

Following on from London Fashion Week, the iconic Saatchi Gallery hosts London Fashion Weekend. The Filter's Jen Collins attended.

The Filter's Hack Day

Here at The Filter we like to add a little variety into our work - so we took the opportunity to try something a little different for a day...
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The psychology of inspiration in retail

From the mundane to the extraordinary - inspiration, to many of us, is a mysterious force that compels us to create, design and invent beyond the ordinary...
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Are in-store and e-commerce merchandising skills transferable?

Looking at some classic, highly successful, bricks-and-mortar techniques and how they can be applied in e-commerce to add further value to the online retail experience.
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Engel, Kollat and Blackwell - Mapping the shopping journey stages

Engel, Kollat and Blackwell's pioneering work in 1968 to model the shopping journey is still with us today and as relevant now as it was back then.
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Does the future of creative merchandising include Artificial Intelligence?

How can we harness the power of artificial intelligence and combine it effectively with the role of the creative merchandisers?
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Why use repurchase interval insights to drive personalisation?

We take a look at cyclical purchases - the repurchase of consumable products where there is a well defined purchase and replenishment cycle

Retail robots: bringing customer service into the data pot

The retail industry is taking robots off the shelves and onto the shop floor, using retail robots in place of sales assistants...