The Filter Console

Multiple Departments, One Solution

Give marketers, merchandisers, content and CX teams the power to create complex digital strategies that solve eCommerce issues and boost KPIs

The Filter is an SaaS eCommerce tool that saves time and boosts performance across multiple departments. Designed with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use regardless of experience level, The Filter helps your eCommerce teams problem solve and uplift KPIs by using their business knowledge to create sophisticated, automated strategies.

One interface improves site functionality, customer experiences, sales messages, content marketing and product discovery. Our software has the power to transform your digital presence into a highly adaptable, self-maintaining strategic powerhouse.

Key features of The Filter’s Console

Segmented customer journeys

Create customer segments that improve shopping experiences for similar types of customers.

Promote the best mix of products, offers and content to new visitors, loyalty card holders, trade customers, sub-brand customers, men/women, blog readers and other key on-site demographics. We’ll help you identify and create segmentation strategies that match your customer needs.

time saving tools for marketers and merchandisers

Automate sophisticated merchandising decisions that are in-tune with your live and upcoming catalogue.

Create beautifully merchandised product selections on any product page. As stock levels change, strategies adapt to ensure the best similar products are prioritised to each customer. Set strategies to adapt in line with stock levels, promotional events, customer preferences and more.

Personalised customer experiences

Personalisation driven by machine learning learns about your customer throughout the lifetime of your brand relationship, adjusting merchandising decisions in line with the customer’s known preferences and dislikes.

Tune personalised customer experiences using business logic to make valued sales in line with your sales calendar and promotional activity.

Product Discovery Features

Enable new ways for customers to discover products that aren’t filtered by ad blindness.

Our Product Finder can be adapted in a plethora of ways to create personal product edits for each customer. Create marketing and PR campaigns which actively interest and engage customers, assisting you in learning more about their preferences.

Mix & Match Recommendations

Pick the very best recommendations for any area of your site.

Use a variety of tactics in a single slot, introduce content into your product page recommendations and create new merchandising opportunities on any site page.

One User-Friendly Interface

Campaigns and strategies are created using a single user friendly interface. There’s no complex coding or manual drag-and-drop ordering – your campaigns are controlled using dropdown menus and text boxes, making them easy for your web team to use.

Give your merchandisers, marketers, content team and buyers the ability to try new strategies that utilise their product and customer knowledge, guided by your business decisions and customer needs.

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