The Product Finder

Personalised Product Edits

3.44% Conversion Rate From the ‘My Account’ Page? Meet The Product Finder

Imagine if every customer could have their own personal shopper to help them find the products they’ll love. The Filter’s Product Finder brings VIP shopping treatment to your account area with a personalised product edit that’s unique to every customer.

Powered by sophisticated machine learning and tuned by your sales strategies, our in-account discovery feature encourages interaction and engagement with new and previously-viewed products. Use customer preferences, past behaviour, crowd logic and individual purchase histories to form decisions while your business priorities decide how and when products appear. The result is a highly-engaging product discovery tool that manages your sales with sophisticated, logic-based rules.

Packaged to be end-user friendly and easy to program, The Filter’s merchandising suite creates highly relevant product selections for each and every customer. Welcome to the future of recommendations.

Inspiration Converts

The Gift Finder

The right gift for the right person

When it comes to Christmas shopping, we could all use a little extra inspiration. Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones can be a stressful experience, so why not take some of the hassle out of the festive season with your very own Gift Finder?

Our seasonal take on The Product Finder assists your customers in finding the very best products for friends, family and partners. Customers can select who the gift is for and browse a curated selection of products that match their shopping needs.

Customers can remove items from the edit to refine the selection and add the best products to their Christmas Shopping List for further research or purchase. Once the festive season ends, we can re-brand The Gift Finder so that selections are retained for future inspiration.

Inspire, Engage & Convert

Complete control

Designed your way

The Product Finder can be tailored to style outfits, find gifts, create a grocery list and more.

Items I have…

Past purchases

Browse previous customer orders & reorder consumables.

Cross media recommendations


The more your customers browse & shop, the more relevant their edits become.

People also…

Intelligent machine learning

Customer Taste Profiles use big data to form accurate merchandising decisions.

Chosen for me

Inspiring visual displays

Beautifully merchandised product edits curated to convert.

Override and fine-tune


Tailor strategies to account for your targets, inventory levels & sales objectives.

The Filter Suite:

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