One Platform, Multiple Solutions

A Strategy Tool for All

The Filter specialises in creating highly sophisticated strategies that solve your eCommerce problems. Our SaaS is designed to be end-user friendly, assisting multiple departments in streamlining workflows and uplifting stats by utilising big data to make key merchandising decisions.

Give marketers, content teams, buyers and other eCommerce departments the ability to make complex CX decisions. Introduce new strategies that control the appearance of products, categories and content across your site and try engaging your audience in new, dynamic ways.

Account Management & Support

Your brand will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will work closely with your lead users to create and implement strategies tailored to fit your catalogue. We’ll teach you how to create new strategies from scratch, as well as how to adapt them to improve long-term results.

An out-of-hours team are on standby to respond to urgent calls.

Integrates with Your Existing Website

Our software works with your existing website design, allowing you to take control over any merchandising space using a single console. We’ll tailor our features to complement your existing site layout, making it easy to adapt and change merchandising priorities without editing individual web pages.

Utilise new spaces for marketing or merchandising purposes, create new content features that inspire and engage, and enhance every customer experience with improved product discovery journeys. The Filter enhances your eCommerce capabilities without the need to redesign or your existing set-up.

Multiple Capabilities, One Suite

We combine several key eCommerce tactics to form the basis of our strategies. A blend of personalised user experiences, customer segmentation, business strategies and retail psychology strategies are used to automate merchandising decisions, populate featured products in content and transform on-site marketing messages.

Delay strategies to coincide with product launches and set promotional end dates to fit your sales cycle. We make it as easy as possible to control multiple campaigns, with self-correcting product priorities which adapt as your products sell out.

Dashboard Reporting

The longer The Filter is in place, the more it’s able to tell you about how your strategies affect visitor behaviour. Our Dashboard provides helpful statistical cues to highlight where strategies are strongest and where they could use refinement. By adapting your strategies and introducing new priorities, you’ll be in a position to create a best practice for your company that’s adaptable and dynamic enough to grow as you do.

Give your teams the ability to read results or provide them with feedback. The Dashboard is accessed separately to the software to keep your key revenue figures secure.

Proven Results

23.7% of all items sold
2.49 Times more likely to convert than other items discovered
8x better

The Filter Suite:

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