Engagement Drives Revenue

Proven Results

8x better
2.49 Times more likely to convert than other items discovered
23.7% of all items sold

Enrich The Customer Experience

Online shopping should be about inspiration; a journey of discovery and entertainment. When this is perfected, positive long term relationships between customers and retailers are formed.

Using The Filter you can deliver high quality experiences to your customers with every visit. This is made possible by comprehensive modelling of personal taste and preferences, combined with adaptable and accurate recommendations. The result is richer, deeper experiences with your brand that drives revenue.

What’s more, by segmenting the retail journey into distinct stages of discovery, research and purchase, it’s possible to ultra-personalise the retail experience, keeping your customers engaged and spending more.

Advanced Technology

The last decade has seen The Filter refine and hone the most powerful entertainment discovery engine into the smartest retail platform enhancement.


Real-Time Relevance

Every second counts in the customer journey, so real-time personalisation is critical to increasing engagement and average order value.


Advanced Mathematical Modelling

Advanced statistical modelling and machine learning techniques are used to deliver optimal, real-time discovery – accurately, repeatedly and reliably.

Why The Filter

The unique combination of editorial content and product, derived from behavioural signals and insights that denote where the customer is on their journey, is what sets The Filter aside.

8 Reasons To Choose The Filter


Retail journey segmentation derived from key behavioural insights


Product and content combinations that encourage further engagement


Complete 1:1 personalisation, increasing sales and driving loyalty


Intuitive and retail-focused rule console to configure your personalisation options


Data gathered from all touch points of the customer’s in-store footprint


Comprehensive, easy to integrate RESTful and API to send us customer events


Ease of integration with leading e-commerce platforms – with our help if you need it


Designed with you in mind – self-service with business rules available out-of-the-box

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